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As we discover and fix errata, we list them here and our publisher puts them in a file so they can be corrected at the next printing of the book. You can tell which printing you have by looking at the copyright page. Towards the bottom of the page, under the ISBN, there is a line of numbers, which looks something like this:

9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

The rightmost number is the printing number. The example above indicates the first printing. Errata listed here may or may not be fixed in the book you hold in your hands, depending on what printing it is. When appropriate, we've put the correction in italics to make it clear what's changed.

Page 26: The first Tip on the page should read: "To return to the tabbed window view on Mac, choose Window > Combine as Tabs." In the book, it is unclear that the menu choice only appears on the Mac version.